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2017-08-09 |

Dinoboy is one of those special projects, one of those projects that over time has become one of the representative works of our studio.

For almost a year we worked with Visixtwo company located in the United Kingdom and specialized in the creation of digital stickers, emojis etc. It was a very fun and enriching stage where Nereu Studio performed among others this nice character.

Digital Stickers have been positioned as an alternative to classic emoticons at the time of expressing emotions in different mobile messaging applications today. One of the pioneering company to introduce this new visual alternative was undoubtedly Line application, offering a selection of free Stickers and opening up a direct selling market for companies and individuals interested in shell their drawings on the platform. Success was unquestionable and many other applications joined this initiative thus opening a market for creators who find on these platforms a new way of promotion. But not only the creators have found a place in this market, the entrepreneurs have also seen the possibility of promoting their products, pets, brands, etc ... and reaching a potential audience in a cost effective way.

Currently, mobile applications have been installed between us to remain permanently and more and more companies create an app in order to enhance their business, and Digital Stickers have found their place inside these applications become an essential tool in our daily communications.

At Nereu Studio, we have made a great variety of stickers for different platforms, thus acquiring great experience in this growing sector and we can offer an effective vision and advice to companies that decide to introduce this product into their promotional routes.

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